Gangstalking Techniques

By bloodygina, 12 June, 2022

Intelligence agency harassment a.k.a Gangstalking: How does it work?


Psychological warfare techniques have been used against “undesirables” by policing and intelligence agencies since the 1970s, as an alternative to incarcerating them or prosecuting them. Well-known gangstalking operations include the Church of Scientology’s Fair Game program, the East German Stasi’s Zersetzung program and the FBI’s COINTELPRO program.

What exactly is “gangstalking”?

Gangstalking is a form of terrorism and organized harassment directed towards a specific person by individuals working for a group or agency such as the CIA. Gangstalking victims often call themselves “targeted individuals” or “TIs”.

Although many TIs have never actually been targeted by the government and believe that they are victims of gangstalking due to mental disorders, gangstalking can actually happen to terror suspects, whistleblowers, people who have worked with classified information and threats to national security.

The goal of gangstalking is to have the target commit a violent act, end up in prison, commit suicide, or get committed to a psychiatric hospital where they will most likely be diagnosed with a mental disorder, damaging their credibility.

How are targets selected?

In the US, targeting usually begins after the person is fraudulently put on a terrorism watchlist by a federal law enforcement agency. In some cases, this can happen because a federal informant reported the target to his handler.

Individuals with money or connections are not selected because there is a higher chance of them successfully fighting back or exposing this program.

If the target is known to have mental issues, there’s a higher chance of them getting selected.

After a target is watchlisted, the CIA will get involved and hire contractors to harass the target. Frequently, the target’s friends, family, co-workers, or neighbors will be given huge cryptocurrency bribes in exchange for harassing or mobbing the target. They may be told that the target is a dangerous criminal, a pedophile, or a terrorist.

What are some gangstalking tactics?

  • Street Theater: Gangs of strangers or “street thugs” will be hired to behave in an abusive manner towards the target. They may shout death threats at the target multiple times per day and this can continue for months. Usually, the target’s phone will be hacked using software vulnerabilities called “0-day exploits” and GPS tracking spyware will be installed so that paid actors can locate the target and threaten them. The app allegedly used by Turkey’s National Intelligence Organization, also known as MIT, is called “Bloudy” and it shows the live locations of targets as well as pictures of them. Actors get paid per death threat and they have to record themselves threatening the targets. Bloudy will also block the camera application on the phone in order to prevent the target from getting proof of the harassment. There is another app used in the US and people have reported that the user interface looks like Instagram. Geofencing may be used to alert nearby actors once a target leaves their home.
  • Psychotronic (pulse modulated microwave) weapons: These are used to harass the target by depriving them of sleep, burning them, causing fear, making them sweat, speeding up their heart rate, etc. Magnetophosphene (hallucination) and seizure guns may also be used. The circuitry for the weapons is sometimes hidden inside fake stereo speakers, but other people have reported seeing devices which were black boxes. There’s a lot of disinformation online about psychotronic weapons, with people claiming to be the targets of anything from bogus satellite attacks to advanced mind reading tech. The weapons do exist though. All of them use extremely low frequency (ELF) pulse modulation. There are simple portable weapons which use solid state amplification technology and more complex, larger rod-shaped devices (Cerenkov masers)
  • Other microwave weapons (non-psychotronic): Modified microwave ovens (with the door switches bypassed) or a magnetron with a metal horn antenna may be pointed at the target while they are in bed.
  • Pulsed energy projectile (PEP) weapons: In some cases, these may be fired at the victim’s house.
  • Dazzling: Laser pointers may be shined into the target’s room. This is done to intimidate them and if they complain, they may not be believed.
  • Baiting and entrapment: Informants will bait the target into committing crimes in order to get them arrested.
  • Illegal wiretaps: All of the target’s electronic devices will be infected with spyware. They may then be gaslighted or blackmailed using the information gathered.
  • Gaslighting: Informants may repeat parts of private conversations that the target had back to the target.
  • Blackmail: This is done if the intelligence agency responsible for getting the target harassed wants to recruit them. Sexual blackmail is frequently used.
  • Drugging: The person will be drugged with substances that could aggravate a preexisting condition or a chronic disease. The goal is to have the target die of the preexisting condition. Gastrointestinal problems are common, and sometimes illegal drugs such as PCP or methamphetamine may be used to induce psychosis in the target. According to one source (, the Russian secret services are known to use genetically modified E Coli. or viruses. According to another source, the CIA is known to infect targets with sexually transmitted diseases. Portable paint sprayers may be used to poison the target.
  • Call Redirection: If the target calls 911/112, their call will be redirected and officers or emergency medical technicians who work for an intelligence agency and are in on this scam will be dispatched.
  • Cooperating doctors and hospitals: Many doctors, especially psychiatrists, cooperate with intelligence agencies. This is true in Turkey where many public hospital doctors work for MIT (Turkey’s National Intelligence Organization) and MIT officers are present at all public hospitals. They wear security guard uniforms and are known as “Acil MIT personeli”. Sometimes people who learn government secrets or TIs will be forcibly taken to a public hospital and given injections of neurotoxins that cause permanent brain damage. This is called “gerizekali yapma” or “müthiş akil” which translates to “making the person retarded” or “awful brain”. In the US, the CIA runs a network of mental hospitals with neurotoxic gas rooms, which can also be used to give individuals brain damage.
  • Vandalism: Tire slashing, broken windows, etc.
  • Break-ins of neighboring houses or apartments: Neighboring residences such as vacant apartments may be broken into without permission from the owners and used as a base of operations for harassment. According to Julianne McKinney “a number of individuals have found that surrounding apartments are either permanently vacant, for unknown reasons, or that they have been “sub-let” by the original occupants to persons who are purportedly unknown to the buildings’ management personnel”. (
  • Mail Tampering: Mail going to the target’s home may be opened and searched or disappear. If an electronic device such as a laptop is sent to the target, malware will be installed on the device. (

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