How to build a psychotronic weapon

By bloodygina, 12 June, 2022

How to Build a Psychotronic Weapon

Written by: John Erin Binns

This is a simplified tutorial which will teach you how to build your own psychotronic weapon

There is a lot of disinformation on the internet regarding psychotronic weapons, with some people claiming that they can insert thoughts into the target's head, control their actions, etc. In reality, they are harassment devices used by intelligence agencies worldwide against whistleblowers, terror suspects, or anyone whom the agency thinks they can harass and get away with it, if the target cannot fight back.

The ones that are used by intelligence agencies operate in the UHF microwave frequency band, although some have alleged that frequencies over 3GHz are being abused. Upon closer examination, it appears that most energy at those frequencies reflects off of human skin.

ELF/VLF amplitude modulation or Lilly wave amplitude modulation is most likely used in order to cause interference with the target's nervous system. The LIDA machine uses ELF modulation in order to induce sleep or prevent sleep. Voices can also be beamed into a target's head (voice to skull/V2K) using a different modulation technique.

A common misconception is that psychotronic weapons use pure ELF waves, however this is not true, instead the ELF is modulated onto a high power microwave carrier.

This article will not teach you how to build exotic types of psychotronic weapons such as pulsed Cerenkov masers, but by following the instructions below you may build your own short-range weapon that can remotely cause neurological effects and discomfort.

What you need:

  • An ELF amplitude modulated transmitter, you can use a HackRF or any other SDR for testing.
  • A solid state power amplifier.
  • Any type of directional waveguide, like a horn antenna or conical antenna
  • Power supply/batteries.
  • Case (use a speaker or guitar amp case to make it look inconspicuous, that's what the agencies do!).





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