"Brain destruction" facilities and black sites

By bloodygina, 14 June, 2022

This article is about facilities where individuals who learn government secrets or terrorist suspects have their brains destroyed using neurotoxins.

First of all, there are two ways to inflict mental disabilities on a victim. The first way is by locking them in a gas room for several hours, they will come out with damage to their brain and vocal cord to the point where they cannot speak. 

Note: These have NO connection to the gas rooms that Hitler used during the Holocaust, they are used to inflict brain damage, not kill.

Gas rooms can usually be found at intelligence agency controlled mental hospitals, if you see a room with a metal grille, a vent, and a fan built into the side of the wall (sometimes it's the suicide watch room which is used as cover), that is the gas room and you are at a spook-run hospital.

Another technique is to give the victim a spinal or IV neurotoxin injection (China does this to Falun Gong members).


Before any of the above happens, fake police officers will usually show up at the victim's home or anywhere else with a cell phone jammer, take away the victim's electronic devices, and then have them gassed or injected with neurotoxins. Afterwards, the victim is usually dumped on a roadside or in some cases, falsely diagnosed with paranoid schizophrenia by a cooperating doctor and then released.